Case studies.

Coaching brings results.

If you’re wondering whether coaching is for you, or which type of coaching might be useful, take a look at these case studies.

They’ll give you an idea of different ways coaching can help in different situations, plus an insight into the impact of my coaching, both on people and on business results.

Transition coaching focused on supporting the executive to develop and execute an action plan that would help them succeed in their new role.

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Coached the MD to adapt their leadership style to sustain success so the business can grow to the next level.

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Coached a number of managers participating in a leadership development programme. Coaching involved debriefing The Leadership Circle 360 profile and follow-up coaching to develop leadership strengths.

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Coached a mother returning to the workforce after her youngest child started school. Focused on identifying and developing strengths using Realise2.

  • Individual coaching
  • Realise2 strengths development

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Coached the client to adapt to a new role arising from their business being acquired by a larger company.

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Coached the CEO to build their team and understand the challenges associated with business growth.

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Photograph of David Bennett, business coach sitting at a table talking to a client during a coaching session, with a view of Lyttelton through the window in the background.

Why work with a coach?

Results from evaluation of coaching show that coaching facilitates the development of skills which positively affects both the individual participant and the overall organisation.

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If you’re unsure which type of coaching would be best for you, for a no-obligation discussion, please get in touch. Call me on 021 078 4458.

I will be happy to help you decide on the most appropriate method for you, your situation and your objectives.

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