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Using 360° feedback to develop your leaders

High-quality 360 degree tools measure a range of key leadership competencies such as self-awareness, relating, courage, decisiveness and strategic focus, which research has shown correlate highly with achieving results. Individuals assess themselves against a range of leadership competencies and invite a number of colleagues and associates to provide feedback using an online survey. The resulting profile gives them insight into how they are perceived as a leader.

Why use The Leadership Circle Profile™?

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is a strengths based competency model. Thoroughly researched and validated, it is the only 360 degree competency assessment that simultaneously provides focused competency feedback while revealing the underlying assumptions that cause an individual’s pattern of strengths and limitations.

Unlike other 360° profiles it connects patterns of action with habits of thought and enables people to gain new awareness, perception, recognition and focus.

Once the participants have completed their profile, I will work together with them to debrief what has been revealed via their profile. This debrief is then followed up with a couple of two hour coaching sessions to enable them to process and plan on the basis of what they have learned.

Find out more about how The Leadership Circle Profile™ works

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is an effective way to empower your individual team members and, as a result, your organisation.

If you would like to know more about how I can work with people within your organisation to get them performing at their best, please contact me for a no-obligation discussion on 021 078 4458.

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Leadership development

Package Includes:
    • Profile and debrief
    • 360 evaluation by at least 10 people
    • Profile results, analysis and debrief
    • Supporting information
    • 3 x two-hour coaching sessions

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