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growthIt’s no secret these days that the business world is an increasingly demanding place to be. Whether you’re having to manage organisational change, are continually fighting fires, or simply working to maintain a positive culture, it can be a challenge to keep on top of it all.

With so much to manage, it’s easy to forget that different situations call for different skills sets and very often, a different approach. Executive coaching gives people the opportunity to gain clarity; to reflect and look forward, equipping them to make future focused decisions within an organisational context.

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Development pipeline

As an evidence-based coach who specialises in behavioural change, my approach is to use recognised coaching models and development tools. In developmental coaching I work with you and the coachee to identify areas in the Development Pipeline1 that need expanding or contracting, and propose what could be done to address behaviour change.
Development pipeline standard
This is based on the assumption that the amount of change a person can make is constrained by where the pipeline is most narrow. The Development Pipeline is a diagnostic to ensure that coaching uses the person’s time effectively and efficiently.

Insight: Does the person understand what needs to be developed in order to be more effective?
Capabilities: Does the person have the skills and knowledge needed?
Motivation: Is the person willing to invest time and energy to develop themselves?
Real-world practice: Does the person have opportunities to practice new skills at work?
Accountability: Are there internal and external mechanisms for accountability in place?

Reference 1: Peterson, D. 2006. A behaviour based approach to executive coaching.

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