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With a Masters in Coaching Psychology, a Bachelor of Commerce and over 20 years in a variety of management and leadership roles, both in NZ and overseas, I am an experienced executive coach who speaks the language of business. I am a member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and was on the board of the ICF Australasia Chapter from 2013 to 2017, serving as Chapter President in 2016-17.

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  • When you want to improve capability or increase performance
  • When you need to develop and strengthen leadership
  • At times of accelerated organisational growth
  • At times when you need to manage stress
  • At key transition stages for you or your organisation
  • When you need to increase confidence, resilience or wellbeing

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Read what some of my clients have said about the benefits of coaching

David, I have found our time together really valuable. I feel very strongly that this has been a good return on investment for the organisation. I really like your style. You are really personable, with a lovely approach. I felt very comfortable with you. You’ve provided me with the opportunity to think through some big challenges and come up with solutions, as well as to make significant progress on my career aspirations.
CEO, health sector
My coach helped me to think outside the box, to see possibilities and alternatives when I was in a place where I could not figure out where to go.  The greatest outcome was to enable me to make the first steps forward. Sometimes we can use a little help!
Isabela Stavale, Social-Entrepreneur, Brazil
David has provided me with greater clarity identifying the challenges underpinning my job and considering a range of strategies to address these issues. Each session we picked up quickly on the key problems, leaving plenty of time for exploring solutions, and lifting a weight from my shoulders.
Greg, Senior Manager, Health Sector
I have recently completed a series of personal coaching with David. Through our sessions David has helped me gain a better understanding of myself and given me the tools and insight to further my development as a leader. I can use this knowledge everyday in both my personal and professional life and it is great knowing I am having a positive influence on those around me and giving them confidence to be their best. David’s ongoing training and willingness to keep on learning is infectious and I would recommend David to anyone looking for coaching.
Marie, brand manager
David was my personal coach, and supported me as I was seconded into the role of Experience and Loyalty Manager at IAG. Through his mentoring and support, I was able to confidently lead a team of three who were transitioning through a period of unprecedented change. He was insightful, and gave me some excellent tools to help me work through my day to day team management and challenges. I recommend David very highly as a coach.
Eve Whitwell, IAG
David has been excellent to work with as a coach. I appreciated his willingness to adapt each session according to what was most important at the time. He invokes confidence with his non-judgemental and friendly approach, and brings wide-ranging knowledge to the meetings. He readily imparts relevant and useful ideas and strategies to ensure ongoing commitment to new practices and long-term success. I highly recommend David as a coach.
Bronwyn Beatty, New Zealand Broadcasting School
David’s coaching has really helped me to identify both personal and potential business blocks to my business moving forwards, with achievable strategies to address these which are worked out together…I would happily recommend him to anyone else who wants to grow in their business.
Jane Cowan-Harris, WorkSpace IQ
Invest in better thinking. David supported me to clarify and integrate my personal values and to also identify and examine limiting beliefs and habits of thought. He customised content and questions, through a timely book, shared article or our direct conversation where David astutely enquired into many things I would have not have stopped to explore myself. Through reviewing some of the latest evidence-based research into leadership development, I refined my future direction and motivation as a leader. This increased personal clarity and vision, supported by regular coaching sessions, has significantly accelerated my professional and personal development this year. It has enabled me to take a new leadership role with more confidence and deliver at a higher level for the team and the wider business. The benefit outside of work has been even more pronounced. Having a knowledgeable and motivated guide, in who’s training and professional experience I can respect, has changed the pace at which I learn and realise the benefits in all parts of life.
Tom, marketing




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