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Transformational leadership coaching to help you thrive in a complex and uncertain world by understanding and growing your most important leadership asset: You.


Leadership Coaching Programme - Growth Edge Coaching


We offer Growth Edge Leadership Coaching Program and the Growth Edge Interview which can help leaders develop:

  • The capacity to deal with the complex challenges posed by accelerating globalisation and changing technology
  • The capacity to come up with more insightful, more innovative options for your organisation
  • Greater clarity & understanding about your values and vision – in your work & in your personal life
  • Insights into what makes you stressed, why it makes you stressed, and what to do about it
  • More nuanced ways of working with & leading people

Our clients tell us that they have never been listened to so deeply and well, and that they watch their possibilities increase with each conversation as their minds expand and they get out of their own way.


The phrase ‘vertical development’ refers to the fact that we continue to grow and develop as adults. We move through stages of growth that allow us to deal with more complexity, see more perspectives and be more aware of our own thinking. It’s about how you think, not what you think. We are better able to handle our increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. Research has shown a clear link between higher levels of vertical development and increased leadership effectiveness. Through my coaching and facilitation I offer many options for vertical development.


This is a three stage process designed to help leaders to understand what you believe and value, how to define yourself, and how you relate to others.

  • You are interviewed for 60 – 90 minutes focusing on your growth edge – usually a challenge you are facing.
  • The interview recording is transcribed and a report written.
  • Your Growth Edge Report is debriefed with you.

“One of the reasons people enjoy these interviews so much is they can find their bigness there. They inhabit the fullness of the space they can contain in these interviews with us.”

Jennifer Garvey Berger


Growth Edge Leadership Coaching and the Growth Edge Leadership Interview are based on adult development theory. This offers a guide to how we can deal with the challenges that arise in our life by figuring out what we believe and value, how to define ourself, and how we relate to others.




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