Facilitation to unleash a culture of innovation

Event: Immersion Workshop in Auckland, 12-13 February 2020

You are invited to a highly engaging, experiential learning 2-day immersion workshop, facilitated by experienced Liberating Structures facilitators, Monica Leon, Perrin Rowland, Shireen Chua and David Bennett. They will guide you through learning what for a growing number of organisations and communities, has proven to be a revolutionary way of helping groups work together and get great things done.

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We offer facilitation services using Liberating Structures to unleash creativity and innovation in your organisation. We believe in working with organisations to truly unleash their potential. Everyone has ideas on how they can provide new solutions to challenges faced by their organisation. Allow your organisation to tap into the knowledge that each team member has.

Conventional group meetings are either too structured (presentations, status reports and managed discussions) or too unstructured, (open discussions and brainstorms) to creatively engage people in shaping their own future. Liberating Structures are designed to include everyone in shaping next steps using processes based on simple rule sets that make it easy for people to be generative together.


Liberating structures are frameworks that make it possible for people and organisations to create, do new things and be innovative in a way that participants develop skills to guide themselves.

These easy-to-learn, adaptable methods for engagement make it quick and simple for groups of people of any size to radically change how they interact and work together, and thus how they address issues, solve problems and develop opportunities.

Liberating Structures are well-known in organisational development and change work for helping to equalize input, access hidden creativity and insights and breakdown the barriers to full participation for everyone.

“Liberating Structures introduce tiny shifts in the way we meet, plan, decide and relate to one another. They put the innovative power once reserved for experts only in the hands of everyone.”

When you feel included and engaged, do you do a better job? Do you think teams in which people work well together produce much better results? Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources? Do you want to work at the top of your intelligence and give the same opportunity to others?
Keith McCandless & Henri Lipmanowicz
Thanks David for a very productive day. The techniques you used and your skills as a facilitator opened our eyes to so many possibilities and enabled us to achieve much more than would have been possible if I had attempted to facilitate the meeting myself.
Tony Simons, Head of New Zealand Broadcasting School




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