How Realise2 can help you maximise your strengths.

r2 4m modelRealise2 Strengths Profile not only scopes out your strengths but goes further to identify your unrealised strengths. These unrealised strengths are strengths that energise you, yet you may not be be using them to full effect. Realise2 will highlight where you could indeed use these to maximum effect.

Working with me you can use your Realise2 profile to marshall your realised strengths and maximise your unrealised strengths by finding opportunities to use them more. Through profile debriefing and follow-up coaching sessions you can expand your self-awareness and accelerate your individualised strengths-based personal development by creating a personal development plan.

There are three main steps to the process:

Step 1 – Discussing your requirements and objectives

The first step is to contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.

Step 2 – Completing an online survey

After we have dealt with the formalities, you’ll be given a link to the Realise2 survey website where you can complete an online survey. It will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Step 3 – Your initial debrief and coaching sessions

Once you’ve completed the online survey your Realise2 profile report is created, and we will arrange your initial debriefing session. This will be followed up by two one-hour coaching sessions.

To find out more about how Realise2 can help you maximise your potential by playing to your strengths, please send me a message or call me on 021 078 4458.

Contact me to make an enquiry

Coaching programmes to help:

The Leadership circle logo-Develop your leadership
-Develop leadership skills

ACT mindfulness logo
-Improve staff wellbeing
-Develop your thinking

Develop your strengths.

Package includes:
    • Realise2 online survey and profile report
    • 90 minute debriefing session
    • 2 x one-hour coaching sessions

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