A look at your leadership abilities from every angle.

The leadership circle logoParticipating in a 360 evaluation essentially means you will be getting a ‘whole’ look at yourself. Because you can only see what you’re familiar with and ‘know’ about yourself, it involves getting other people’s feedback to help ’round out’ your profile and gives you an insight into how you are perceived as a leader.

You will also complete some questions yourself. The Leadership Circle Profile then integrates all this information and presents it in a way that brings the key issues to the surface instantly.

There are three main steps to the process:

Step 1 – Discussing your requirements and objectives

The first step is to contact me so that we can discuss your requirements.

Step 2 – Organising your evaluators

After we have dealt with the formalities, you’ll be given a link to The Leadership Circle survey website where you can invite people to give you their feedback. It will take them approximately 30 minutes to complete the questions.

Ideally your evaluators will be people who will provide you with honest feedback. The goal is to receive feedback from at least ten people across the following categories:

• Your boss’s boss
• One or more boss
• One or more of your peers
• Three or more direct reports
• Three or more others (such as interdivisional colleagues/relationships, clients or customers)

Choose your evaluators carefully
Given that your evaluators’ feedback directly impacts the quality of the information you receive via the 360, it is important that you choose people who:
• Know you well
• Are trustworthy and credible
• Have good intentions – sincerely want to help you learn more about yourself
• Understand your job responsibilities and areas of influence
• Can describe you in relation to the many roles you play on the job

Step 3 – A debrief session to review your profile report

When your evaluators have filled in their surveys, your Leadership Circle profile report will be created. At that point I will arrange your initial two hour debriefing session, which will be followed up with two more two hour coaching sessions.

During these sessions we will explore issues, ideas, strategies and plans to help extend and build on your leadership strengths. By shining a light on the underlying thinking patterns that drive your current behaviour, you will have access to new choices and possibilities.

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Coaching programmes to help:

realise2-circle-Strengths development
-Strengths profiler

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-Improve staff wellbeing
-Thinking skills

Leadership development

Package Includes:
    • Profile and debrief
    • 360 evaluation by at least 10 people
    • Profile results, analysis and debrief
    • Supporting information
    • 3 x two-hour coaching sessions

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