Develop your strengths with Realise2.

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Research shows that using our strengths makes us happy and is the surest way to be successful.

Scientifically developed and validated yet easy to relate to and understand, if you’re serious about advancing your career, then Realise2 can get you on the right path.

Unlike many other assessment tools which look more generally at your personal strengths, Realise2 focuses on your strengths in a working context and gives you relevant information that enables you to harness your strengths and ensure they work to your advantage.
Realise2 also differs from other assessments in that instead of just listing your strengths, it details your:
  • Realised strengths
    – attributes that you perform well. Those that give you energy, and you use frequently.
  • Unrealised strengths
    – attributes that you perform well and find energising, but do not use frequently.
  • Learned behaviours
    – attributes or behaviours that you have learned to do well because you do them often, but they don’t energise you.
  • Weaknesses
    – attributes that you have difficulty doing well and that drain your energy.

“Realising our strengths is the smallest thing we can do to make the biggest difference”
Alex Linley, Founding Director, Centre of Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) UK

Find out more about how Realise2 works.

As a certified Realise2 practitioner, I will step you through the survey process, debrief the strengths assessment tool and work together with you on maximising your strengths.

If you’re ready to feel more energised, engaged and really perform at your best, then Realise2 is a great way to start. Please call me on 021 078 4458 for a no-obligation chat or to get your profile underway!

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Coaching programmes to help:

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Develop your strengths.

Package includes:
    • Realise2 online survey and profile report
    • 90 minute debriefing session
    • 2 x one-hour coaching sessions

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