Wellbeing – good for individuals and good for business

Graphic of a leafy tree silhouette symbolising growthMindfulness is a mental state of awareness, openness and focus.
ACT is a research-based method of developing psychological flexibility through mindfulness.

If people are working in a busy or pressured role, ACT Mindfulness can help keep them well and on track.
Easy to learn and apply, mindfulness skills can rapidly and effectively help people to:
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve their health
  • Increase their vitality
  • Manage their emotions
  • Enhance their performance
  • Generally change their life for the better

Developing mindfulness increases resilience and confidence, reduces stress and enhances wellbeing, for your team members and for your organisation.

As a certifed Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) practitioner, I can work with people within your organisation and show them how to apply ACT techniques in their everyday life both at home and at work. If you would like to discuss the benefits of ACT for your team members, please contact me for a no-obligation discussion on 021 078 4458.

Contact me now for a no-obligation discussion

Coaching programmes to help:

The Leadership circle logoDevelop your leadership

realise2-circleDevelop your strengths

Invest in wellbeing

Package includes:
    • Coaching programme
    • Mindfulness instruction
    • Supporting information
    • 6 sessions over 12 weeks

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