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RBP Business Capability Voucher

David Bennett is a registered provider with the Regional Business Partner network. If you meet the criteria below, you are eligible for up to a 50% subsidy towards cost of my Coaching for Growth service. The subsidy is through RBP Business Capability Voucher co-funding.

The value of vouchers issued will vary and can be used to cover up to 50% of the training service cost (capped at $5000 p.a to 30 June.)

The service registered for this funding is:


One on one action-oriented, results-focused conversation between the coach and the person being coached.

Coaching focuses on developing management capability. Depending on the business
owner’s learning needs this may be through: gaining self awareness of strengths; acquiring
knowledge about a barriers to performance; developing management skills; creating an action plan and building supporting relationships required to implement a course of action; moving to a new level of management development; and flexible thinking skills.

Learning outcomes for the business owner will vary depending on the
coaching goals chosen and usually include: increased capability to achieve business goals; more effective people management; better working relationships; improved goal setting and prioritisation; increased engagement and productivity; more effective dialogue and communication with stakeholders; and clarity about actions required to improve business performance.

Coaching usually totals 12 hours over 6 months. Typically a two hour session at the beginning, followed by one hour sessions every fortnight for the first two months, then monthly one hour sessions for the remaining 4 months, with a 2 hour final session. Frequency and duration of the sessions are flexible, depending on the needs of the business owner.
The business owner is expected to spend time between sessions working on actions they have
agreed to during the previous coaching session. The time required will vary according to the
actions chosen.


  • Have undergone an assessment with a Regional Partner (ie: Growth Advisor);
  • Have fewer than 50 full time equivalent employees;
  • Are registered for GST in New Zealand;
  • Are operating in a commercial environment; and
  • Are a privately owned businesses, or are a Maori Trust or incorporation under the Te Ture Whenua
  • Maori Act 1993 or similar organisation managing Maori assets under multiple ownership.

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